Jason Bernagozzi

               Video, Sound, New Media Art

In and Of Itself

Television Sculpture Installation, 2014

In and of Itself is a multichannel video sculpture that explores the tension between object and subject. Wrapped in the text from the poststructuralist tome "A Thousand Plateaus" by Deleuze & Guittari, the objects in the space are used as a framing device and a visual pun inspired by the book. The video playing on the screens depicts microscopic investigations of skin, hair and text searching for evidence of a  "Body without Organs". The CRT televisions, bare in their appearance, expose the organs of visual communication technology as they pose as bodies using sterile material signifiers of a text covered book and keyboard to "speak" to one another. The totality of the work is a playful yet critical engagement with the inability of language to fully prescribe meaning and our attempts to conflate complexity with the complex.

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